100 Years of Flight

On July 1st, Canada Day,
I was standing on my balcony
when I heard the approach of
jet engines... low... and loud.

I grabbed my camera just in time
to snap the 3 jets in this shot...
beautifully backed by these big
fat cumulus nimbus clouds!

The jet at the top is part of Canada's
SnowBird" aerobatic squadron...
the one in the middle is Canada's
current battle jet, the F-18...
and the one at the bottom
is a completely restored
Sabre Jet from the 50's!

This year marks the 100th anniversary
of Canada's first recorded flight of the
Silver Dart on Lake Brador in Cape Breton.
A rebuilt version flew a few weeks ago!

This desktop wallpaper is a tribute to
the ingenuity, vision and unwaivering
belief of all those who have worked
on perfecting the ability of man to fly.

We would have saved ourselves a lot
of grief if we had been born with wings.