Be careful what you vote for...

Ok... time for a little Canadian politics...

we have a federal election underway
(yes, there is another one other than the USA)
that will chart Canada's course for the
coming 4 years (or less).

Stephen Harper... the leader of
the Regressive Conservatives wants
to regain power on a platform of
strong leadership and a clear vision.

In the last 4 years he has squandered
the surplus he inherited from the last
party and taken the country to a near-deficit status...
under his skilled (proven) leadership.

He has also announced that the arts
community will only be funded if their
projects meet his vision of art.

Kinda like an "arts cleansing program".

I am afraid of what this man and his
party of like-minded zealots represents...

but looking around at the current
alternatives... all the polls show is
that with no clear leading national
candidate, and the opposition votes
being split among the other parties...

Adolf Harper may once again regain
the controls of this wonderful country...

or at least... it used to be wonderful.

If this is true... pray for us all!