Ready for President Palin?

Fake images of gun-toting,
bikini-clad Sarah Palin, the
Vice Presidential running mate
for McCain are circling the
web like wildfire...

I just had to throw my versions in!!

The word is that Presidential contender
McCain is battling a very serious and
possibly life-threatening disease.
(I wish him all the best in his
courageous battle).

But that said...
and assuming he wins the
upcoming US presidential elections...
there will exist the potential of his
vice presidential running mate
becoming the next leader of the
most powerful country on earth!

We don't know much about her...
but what we do know is kinda
frightening to the liberals of this planet.

I can't vote for Obama
(cause I'm not an American)...
but because the USA is such
a strong influence planet wide...
I feel I must support Obama...

Another barracuda for president
is just too scary a thought!